Pre Approved Capital One Credit Card

Are you looking for the pre approved Capital One credit card? No, look further. You are here at the right place. With pre-approval, you can enjoy exclusive credit captures such as cashback rewards, travel, dining, and much more. The pre-approved offer will match your financial needs and preferences.

You might be confused about how to be part of the Capital One pre-approval offer. I am sharing the facts you will never get on any website about approval. Capital One will send you an offer email containing the reservation and access code to help you be part of the exclusive features.

You must enter the reservation number and access code on the Capital One official website to smoothly process the application. You will get the application response within 60 seconds. One of my friends received an offer letter and is enjoying the premium credit card features.

The pre-approved offer will allow you to access the premium features of Capital One that will help you reach your financial goals. We will share the pre-approval process after getting an offer letter.

With a pre-approved offer, your credit card score will not be impacted. However, you will get access to the premium benefits including cashback rewards, low APR rates, travel, and 0$ annual fees.

How To Get Pre Approved Capital One Credit Card

Here is the step-by-step guide for the credit card pre-approval process.

Pre Approved Capital One Credit Card
Pre Approved Capital One Credit Card

Check For Pre-Approval Offers

First, you have to check the pre approved Capital One credit card offer to determine whether you have received it. You will receive the pre-approved offer in your mail from the Capital One official. Turn on your mail notification so you will receive an offer letter.

One of my friends was unaware of the pre-approved offer even though Capital One sent it in previous months. When he contacted Capital One customer support, I didn’t receive mail, so the representative resend him the email with the reservation number and access code again.

Visit Capital One Official Website

When you receive a pre-approval offer, then visit the Capital One official website. You will be redirected to our website homepage when clicking the link. You can find the activation link that will redirect you to the pre-approval process activation.

Enter Reservation Number & Access Code

How to Activate Exclusive Offers from Getmyoffer.Capitalone
Start Saving Today: Activate Your Getmyoffer.Capitalone Offers

You must enter the reservation number and access code in the input fields, then click the submit button. If you don’t know where to find this secret code, you can check the offer mail you received from the Capital One official website.

Wait for Approval

When you submit your application, you must wait 60 seconds for a response from Capital One customer support. You will be notified via mail whether your application is approved or rejected.

How To Apply For A Capital One Credit Card Without Pre-Approval

If you don’t have received a pre approved Capital One credit card, you don’t need to worry; you can apply without a pre-approval offer. Capital One offer several numbers of cards for thier applicants. You can filter it and select the one according to your needs and preferences.

Here is the step-by-step guide on applying for a credit card without a pre-approval offer.

Visit Credit Card Section

Credit Card Section
Compare All Credit Cards

When you visit the credit card section on the Capital One official website, you can see the various credit card options. You can compare all the credit cards that suit your needs. 

They offer students, business, and personal credit cards, so you can compare all of them. When you click on your favourite credit card then, you can get access to all the information and key features of it.

Click the “View Card Details” button to see each credit card’s details. You need to click on the “Apply Now” button to apply for the credit card without pre-approval. 

Each credit card has an option for the “See If I’M Pre-Approved” button, so click on it to determine your eligibility. Your card application might be ejected if you don’t have excellent credit. It’s a bit risky to apply for a credit card without pre-approval.

Have you applied for a credit card without pre-approval? Your credit card score might be impacted depending on the different situations. This is why I will always recommend applying for a credit card with a pre-approval offer to minimize the risk.

Exploring Capital One’s Diverse Credit Card Options

Venture Rewards

The Venture credit card is a popular choice for travellers and rewards. With this card, you can earn 75,000 bonus miles when you spend 4000$ within the first three months of account opening. When you earn the miles, you can redeem it for travel expenses such as hotels, rent cars, etc.

Quicksilver Rewards

Using the Quicksilver credit card, you can enjoy 1.5% cash on every purchase. When you spend $ 500$ within three months after opening an account, you can earn a $ 200$ cash bonus. You will get cashback rewards even if you want to purchase groceries, shoes, clothes, etc.

Savor Rewards

The Savor rewards credit card is the best option for those who are the eating and entertainment lover. With this card, you will get good cashback rewards when you eat dinner at the restaurant. However, if you watch movies at your favorite cinema, you will love its cashback rewards.

I have just mentioned three credit cards which come in the excellence category. Other categories in Capital One include Excellence, Fair, Rebuilding for the students, business and personal. You can go for the one matching your needs and preference.

Final Verdict

Pre approved Capital One credit allows you to access the personalized credit card according to your needs and preferences. With pre-approval, you can skip the lengthy application process and get your application approved by entering the reservation number and access code.

You can also check your application status whether it’s approved or rejected. When you are eligible for the pre-approved offer, you can enjoy its terms of benefits in all categories.

If you haven’t received your pre-approved offer, let us know your selected credit card. Do you think it’s expensive and a waste of money? Let us know in the comments section below so our readers will not choose that card you hate.


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